Snort User Groups

To help foster this sense of community and provide a platform for users to share their ideas and experiences, local Snort User Groups have been formed throughout the world. Don't see a group in your area? Contact us if you're interested in starting a group or know of one not listed here.

Active Groups

Group/Location Organizer Status Website SUG Lists
US Groups
Dallas, Texas (North Texas) David Gullett Restarting
Kansas City, MO   Possibly Restarting Email List
Motor City, Detroit, MI Jack Crook Restarting    
International Groups
Brazil Snort-BR Active   Email List
Italy Matteo Valenza Active SUG site Email List

Inactive Groups - Email the group leader to restart it!

Group/Location Organizer Status Website SUG Lists
Aiken, SC (CSRA) Unknown Inactive Email List
Atlanta, GA Richard Campbell Unknown    
Chicago, IL   Unknown SUG site Email List
Cleveland, Ohio Craig Campbell Unknown Email List
Illinois Unknown SUG site  
Northern Colorado JJ Cummings Inactive   Email List
Utah Brandon Greenwood Unknown   Email List
Australia (Canberra) Kelvin Rundle Unknown    
GCC Ayed Al-Qarta Unknown   Email List
Japan Katsuhiro Watanabe Unknown SUG site  
Netherlands Pieter Claassen Unknown   Email List
Russia Alexander Leonov Unknown SUG site

Interested in Starting a Group

Group/Location Organizer Status Website SUG Lists
US Groups
Eastern Pennsylvania (Lancaster/Harrisburg/Philadelphia) David Chastain interested    
Orange County, CA Jim Dolan interested   Email List
San Antonio, TX DeWayne Duff interested    
Savannah, GA Vernon Gray interested    
San Diego Carl Agbayani interested Email List
San Francisco, CA John Rentschler interested   Email List
International Groups
Calgary, Canada Thomas Guo interested   Email List
Kuwait Ayed Qarta interested   Email List
London, UK Paul Wright interested