Snort Downloads

The Snort Engine is distributed both as source code and binaries for popular Linux distributions and Windows. It’s important to note that the The Snort Engine and Snort Rules are distributed separately.

Downloading via Command-line Interface

Downloading of the snort binaries and source packages can be performed using tools such as wget and curl. Be sure to use the proper flags to ensure a successful download.

Latest Release


        $ wget<filename> -O <output-filename>  

        $ wget<filename> --output-document=<output-filename>  
            $ wget -O snort-2.9.1.tar.gz


        $ curl -L<filename> -o <output-filename>  

        $ curl --location<filename> --output <output-filename>  
            $ curl -L -o snort-2.9.1-1.src.rpm

*all of these commands can be used with ssl by specifying https in the request