Submit a Bug

In order for the Snort team to replicate and ultimately solve the problem you're experiencing we need some basic information. When you report a bug please include the following in your report. Without this information there is little we can do to help.

All bug reports should include:

  • The version of Snort you're running
  • Information on the rules you have enabled
  • How Snort was built. Did you build from source (recommended), use a binary from, use a third party distribution
  • Your configuration files (snort.conf, *.rules, threshold.conf, etc.)
  • Platform information: OS and hardware (e.g. Ubuntu 8.02, Linux 2.6 kernel, Intel 64bit)
  • Any relevant error messages
  • Any output that may be helpful

For more information on effective bug reporting please review the the doc/BUGS file in the Snort distribution.

Including the above information will help the Snort team to accurately identify the problem and provide you with the guidance you need.

All bug reports should be sent to