Snort Supported OSs

Snort Supported OSs

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Author: Talos

While Snort can compile on almost all *nix based machines, it is not recommended that you compile Snort on a low power or low RAM machine. Snort requires memory to run and to properly analyze as much traffic as possible.

Snort does not officially support any particular OS. However, there are platforms that we do support with Shared Object rules, and Snort has been verified to run, and run well, on the following platforms:

Alpine 3.14/x86-64
Alpine 3.15/x86-64
CentOS 7/i386
CentOS 7/x86-64
CentOS 8/x86-64
Debian 10/i386
Debian 10/x86-64
Debian 11/x86-64
Fedora Core 35/x86-64
Fedora Core 36/x86-64
FreeBSD 13.1/x86-64
OpenSUSE LEAP 15.4/x86-64
RHEL 7/x86-64
RHEL 8/x86-64
Slaceware 15/x86-64
Ubuntu 18/x86-64
Ubuntu 20.04/x86-64
Ubuntu 21.10/x86-64
Ubuntu 22.10/x86-64

This list is subject to change at any time, however, we generally support the current version of the above OS, and one back from current.