Snort FAQ

Ways to purchase a Snort Subscription

Ways to Purchase a Snort Subscription.

Thank for your interest in a Snort Rules Subscription. You may purchase your subscription in one of 2 ways:

  • Online (Preferred): Go to to renew or purchase by credit card, this is a simple transaction process between you and, which auto-renews at the end of the term. There are no invoices issued for this method of payment, only a receipt.

  • Cisco GPL: If you are using a PO or need a quote to complete your purchase or need an invoice, please contact an authorized Cisco Partner. Please leave the product field blank and only search by city and country. Once you’ve selected a Cisco Partner, please contact them, reference the following product code L-FP-VRT-1Y and let them know how many Snort sensors will need subscription coverage.

Additionally, please be sure to provide the proper registered email address (not the oinkcode) to your partner so they can process the order without delay. Please also note that the correct email address associated with your account is mandatory to activate the subscription.