Snort FAQ

What are the differences in the rule sets?


Community Ruleset program

The Community Ruleset is a GPLv2 Talos certified ruleset that is distributed free of charge without any Snort Subscriber Rule Set License restrictions. If you are a Snort Subscriber Rule Set Subscriber, the community ruleset is already built into your download. If you are a registered user (under the 30-day delay) you may also include this ruleset in your Snort installation to stay current. The authors of the rules in the community ruleset are listed in the AUTHORS file inside the tarball. This ruleset is updated daily and is a subset of the subscriber ruleset.


This ruleset is also free for use for individuals and businesses (however, Integrators may not use this ruleset). This ruleset is 30 days behind the Snort Subscriber Rule Set and does not contains zero-day threats under the “limited” provision of the Snort Subscriber Rule Set License. This ruleset does contain the Community ruleset. It is recommended that you use both the Registered Ruleset and the community ruleset, if you are not going to become a subscriber. This ruleset is generally updated on Tuesdays and Thursdays.


This is the full Snort Subscriber Ruleset, without delay. For more information on the Snort Subscriber Rule Set, please read our FAQ. This ruleset is also referred to as the “VRT Ruleset” or the “Talos Ruleset” This ruleset is generally updated on Tuesday and Thursdays, but may be updated at any time to stay current with emerging threats.