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Sid 1-50127


INDICATOR-OBFUSCATION ActiveXObject javascript obfuscation attempt


The XML Security Database Parser class in the XMLSecDB ActiveX control in the HIPSEngine component in the Management Server before, and the client before 1.6.450, in CA Host-Based Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS) 8.1, as used in CA Internet Security Suite (ISS) 2010, allows remote attackers to download an arbitrary program onto a client machine, and execute this program, via vectors involving the SetXml and Save methods.


CVSS base score 8.8 CVSS impact score 9.2 CVSS exploitability score 8.6 confidentialityImpact NONE integrityImpact COMPLETE availabilityImpact COMPLETE

Detailed information

Affected systems

  • ca host-basedintrusionprevention_system 8.1
  • ca internetsecuritysuite_2010 *
  • ca internetsecuritysuite_2011 *

Ease of attack

False positives

None known

False negatives

None known

Corrective action


  • Talos research team.
  • This document was generated from data supplied by the national vulnerability database, a product of the national institute of standards and technology.
  • For more information see nvd.

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