Rule Category

MALWARE-BACKDOOR -- Snort has detected suspicious communication traffic unrelated to commands, such as exfiltration of data from the infected machine, especially larger chunks of data.

Alert Message

MALWARE-BACKDOOR Asp.Backdoor.MoveITShell upload attempt

Rule Explanation

This rule looks for key sequences associated with the webshell used in the MOVEIt SQL injection vulnerability from June, 2023 that does not yet have any associated CVE.

What To Look For

This rule looks for webshell being uploaded to a server or downloaded in your environment.

Known Usage

Attacks/Scans seen in the wild

False Positives

No known false positives


Cisco Talos Intelligence Group

Rule Groups

No rule groups



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Rule Vulnerability

No information provided

CVE Additional Information

This product uses data from the NVD API but is not endorsed or certified by the NVD.